Comic Con Amsterdam 2018 Results

Comic Con Amsterdam Day 1 Results!

Chong defeated Rami Romeo

Joel Vox defeated Dr.George Meddleson

Benjamin “the Dream” van Es defeated Maverik Rennson

UFO Joe defeated Sexy Scotty Valentine

El Chico Open Challenge was accepted by Rhandy van der Wolf.
El Chico defeated Rhandy van der Wolf

Ymah Pain defeated “Proto” Jay List

Chong defeated Remi Avery

Kenzo Richards defeated Axl Star

Comic Con Amsterdam Day 2 Results!

Ymah Pain defeated Kid Lux

Dr. George Meddleson defeated Giovanni Lombardo Jr .

Joel Vox & Rami Romeo defeated Johnny Truant & Daniel van Kuijk

Axl Star defeated Richie Julio

Chong defeated UFO Joe

Scotty Valentine defeated Dr. George Meddleson

Chong & El Chico defeated Joel Vox & Rami Romeo in a PWH TAG TEAM Championship match

The Circus defeated Tengkwa, Danny Sparks & Rhandy van der Wolf

El Chico wins the Comic Con Battle Royal