PWH LIVE x PIER15 Breda!!!

Ooh what a feeling! After months and months of not performing live in front of crowds, we finally got our chance last Saturday. PIER15 Skatepark invited us to their domain with one mission, kick some ass. And we happily obliged that request.

In a thrilling show we saw the winning debut of Julia, who took on one of Marek’s nasty clowns. After that, another PWH Academy trainee; Adriaan Lemstra faced off against PWH veteran Tom Barong Chong in a losing effort. No shame, the vicious PWH TV Champ showed no mercy, but did offer a handshake of respect to the new rookie.

Talking about veterans versus rookies, Dutch wrestling legend Kenzo Richards showed Max Klein a lesson in respect. A couple of well aimed chops where enough to finish of the big pretty boy.

El Chico decimated Mike Mayeck while Ymah did the same to Axl Star. After the match it was announced El Chico and Ymah would face off in a main event brawl.

Scotty showed to Breda how a flamingo fur coat can make a man look irresistible and also that you don’t mess around with Dante, who almost knocked him straight out of his boots with a massive Spear.

Perhaps the most action packed match of the evening, Tengkwa teamed up with two of Belgians biggest talents, Danny Sparks and Tibo Desmeth, taking on the trio of Joel Vox, Zafar Ameen and Emil Sitoci. In a hard fought bout, it took three top rope moves, including a beauty of a 450 splash by Tibo on Joel Vox to make their team the victors of this contest.

The main event saw two of PWH resident behemoths re-enacting Godzilla vs. King Kong in Breda. Hard hitting and brawling around the ring resulted in El Chico bodyslamming Ymah and connect a top rope splash for the win!

Once again, we like to thank Pier15 Skatepark, we absolutely love giving them some over the top action!

Until we meet again!

Quick results:
Julia defeats Clown 13.
Tom Barong Chong defeats Adriaan Lemstra.
Kenzo Richards defeats Max Klein.
Ymah Pain defeats Axl Star.
El Chico defeats Mayeck.
Michael Dante defeats Scotty Valentine.
Tengkwa, Danny Sparks, Tibo Desmeth defeat Emil Sitoci, Zafar Ameen and Joel Vox.
El Chico defeats Ymah Pain.